c4 energy drink side effects

C4 Energy Side Effects [The Effects Explained]

C4 Energy drinks are among the most popular energy drinks right now. Produced by Cellucor, it gives it a lot of credibility. However, everyone will have different experiences. 

If you’ve been paying attention, you will have seen every year, there is mudslinging at and controversy over C4 Energy drinks, like many others. At the heart of the debate surrounding the safety of drinking energy drinks are the effects and potential side effects they can have. 

Do you currently drink C4 Energy, or are you interested in adding it to your lifestyle but are concerned about the potential adverse effects it may cause? This article will provide a closer look at the impact of drinking C4 Energy drinks. 

The Effects of C4 Energy

It will come as no surprise many of the effects you can expect to benefit from C4 Energy drinks are the same as other products. They are devised to help battle fatigue, increase alertness, and improve your energy levels while increasing your performance and cognitive stamina. 

The most noteworthy difference between C4 Energy drinks and many other options is all varieties are zero-sugar and calorie-free. 

Potential side effects from drinking C4 Energy products are linked to the ingredients used in the formula. Therefore, you must also understand the ingredients to understand the side effects.

The Ingredients Behind the Effects

We have already mentioned this, but it is worth repeating C4 Energy is calorie and sugar-free. The reason for this is the ingredients that give C4 Energy its sweetness.  

Acesulfame Potassium – a non-nutritive artificial sweetener, was approved in 1988 by the FDA and has been declared “safe for human consumption” because of low toxicity levels. 

Sucralose – Sucralose is another commonly featured artificial sweetener in many zero-sugar beverages. However, there are some risks you need to be aware of. It can affect insulin functionality and sensitivity, and when people have consumed too much of it, they have experienced gas, diarrhea, and bloating. 

Beta-Alanine – one of the key features you may be unfamiliar with found in C4 Energy is beta-alanine. This is actually a commonly used amino acid in sports nutrition supplements. It increases muscle carnosine levels. These have been known to reduce the effects of fatigue when you are working out or taking part in strenuous physical activity and can improve your athletic performance overall. 

Although a safe ingredient, it should be noted some people drinking C4 Energy and others featuring beta-alanine have experienced a flushing or tingling sensation. As is the case with sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium, beta-alanine levels are not high enough in C4 Energy to cause any problems. However, it is still worth being aware of the potential. 

Potential Side Effects of Energy Drinks

So now we’ve discussed the effects and some of the noteworthy side effects of specific ingredients. You may wonder what the more general side effects you could expect from drinking C4 Energy. Energy drinks always come with a risk, and some of the most common are not always experienced by everyone, including:

Dehydration – energy drinks like C4 Energy are not an excellent substitute for drinking water and other liquids because they do not help to hydrate your body. In fact, they do the opposite and act like diuretic drinks and increase urine production. Therefore, if you are not careful with balancing how much energy drinks you consume compared to how much water you drink, you could find yourself dehydrated.

Allergic Reactions – we have already noted this, but it is worth repeating you should always check the ingredients list of drinks, including C4 Energy, before you consume them. You need to know anything in the formula that could cause an allergic reaction. You can look at the ingredients list on this site or Google “C4 Energy ingredients”.

Digestive Issues: Do you often suffer from bloating, acid reflux, or other digestive problems when you drink carbonated soft drinks? If you do, you may want to mix the carbonated varieties of C4 Energy. 

Jitteriness and insomnia are two of the most frequently experienced side effects of drinking energy drinks, including C4 Energy. However, as we have already noted, if you carefully moderate your consumption, there is no reason these should be problems. 

Safety and Moderation

Following on nicely from the above, you must follow the instructions provided by C4 Energy to maximize the efficiency of the drink and avoid problems and negative experiences. 

All natural and synthetic ingredients in C4 Energy fall below or hit the RDA.

The drink has 200mg of caffeine in every can. Although this is less compared to other brands and products, it is still quite a lot for a single beverage. Considering the recommended daily allowance for caffeine is just 400mg, you should think carefully before drinking more than 2 cans. Furthermore, you should also factor in how many other caffeinated drinks you consume over the average day and offset that amount with C4 Energy.

Customer Experiences

One of the best ways to find out the experience you are likely to have before trying a drink like C4 Energy is by checking out the customer reviews and experiences. We have looked at many impartial reviews left by customers trying C4 Energy, and here are some things we found.

“Quite possibly the best energy drink I’ve ever had. It tastes great, gives a decent energy boost, and most importantly, you come down gradually instead of crashing and burning like so many other energy drinks might cause.” – this is what one customer said. 

While another added, “I drink a lot of different energy drinks as pre-workout for the gym, and this one is a good flavor and doesn’t just make me feel blah. The rainbow flavor is the best, but I like them all. :))))

How Long Does C4 Energy Last?

When you drink C4 energy drinks, you will notice they have a positive effect almost immediately, with a peak being reached after just one hour following consumption. You can expect to experience the positive impact for at least 3 to 4 hours. If you have known stimulant sensitivity, you will likely experience heightened effects for longer. 


To conclude, like many other energy drinks, some risks and side effects are associated with regular consumption of C4 Energy. It is not incredibly unsafe. You need to take the same precautions you usually would and avoid if you have sensitivity to caffeine or know you are allergic to any of its ingredients.