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is 5 hour energy drink bad for you

Is 5-Hour Energy Drink Bad For You?

As popular as energy drinks like 5-Hour Energy are, there are also many negative comments and reports about them. While you may not want to take everything you read at face value or as factual about energy drinks, if you are trying to make a rational decision about whether you should include them in your…
celsius energy side effects

Celsius Energy Side Effects [We Explain It All!]

Formulated and distributed by Celsius Holdings, Inc., Celsius Energy drinks are one of the most popular brands available. However, the controversy surrounding this section of products in the food and drink industry has continued. Many experts consider energy drinks unnecessary to a healthy diet, whereas other people stand by using them and suggest they do…
is celsius energy drink bad for you

Is Celsius Energy Drink Bad for You?

Like so many other energy drinks and their manufacturers, there is a lot of controversy and negativity surrounding Celsius Energy. Given its popularity, you may drink it without worrying about the concerns raised.  Perhaps, like many other energy drinks fans, you are concerned about its potential to be dangerous to your health and have adverse…
what is celsius energy

What is Celsius Energy?

Owned and distributed by Celsius Holdings Inc., Celsius Energy drinks are a health-conscious and dynamic addition to the market. The focus of Celsius Energy is to provide a fitness-orientated energy boost that is as nutritious as it is refreshingly tasty. Energy drinks have become incredibly popular and an essential part of the average person’s diet,…
how bad is c4 energy

Is C4 Energy Bad for You?

C4 Energy is an incredibly popular energy drink, thanks to the success of the parent company behind it, Cellucor, which is a big name in the sports nutrition and energy drink industry. Although it is not an actual pre-workout supplement, many people use the carbonated and non-carbonated varieties in that fashion to great success. As…
c4 energy drink side effects

C4 Energy Side Effects [The Effects Explained]

C4 Energy drinks are among the most popular energy drinks right now. Produced by Cellucor, it gives it a lot of credibility. However, everyone will have different experiences.  If you’ve been paying attention, you will have seen every year, there is mudslinging at and controversy over C4 Energy drinks, like many others. At the heart…
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Sugar VS Soda

Soda is a guilty pleasure for most of us, but we all secretly know we should be careful about how much we drink.

The team at DrinkyWinks cares about their and their family’s health. That care extends to our readers too.

A common major ingredient of sodas is sugar. As too much sugar is proven to be bad for your health, we created a tool to compare sugar in your favorite drinks, so you can make the best choice for you and your family!

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